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Tay Mo'nae


Tay Mo’Nae is a 28-year-old urban romance author who loves writing about black love. She fell in love with reading in the fifth grade and grew a love for writing her freshmen year of high school. Since then she’s written a plethora of unpublished short stories, until 2017 when she published her first novel.

With five years of writing under her belt, Tay Mo’Nae has published over 70 books with more in the chamber. With her books, she wants to create movies in her reader’s minds and gain a new reader with each release. She enjoys writing about complicated characters who grow through the pages to find their HEA. When she’s not writing she’s binge-watching anime, baking, reading, & being a dog mom.

"If I had to pick a book that shows me, it’ll be Tattoo Your Name On My Heart. This book shows my diversity as an author and shows how important plot and character development is to me. I also say my books are about complicated characters who find a path to love, and both characters in this one book alone represent that. Although it might be a little heavier read from my normal writing it shows all the elements of me as an author and gives readers clue on what to expect when it comes to style and development."

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