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About Love-in-Books

This Love-in-Books event is to celebrate and provide a stage and audience for authors who are often marginalized in the literary community because of circumstances, mostly financial, that do not support the activities that promote success. The access to social media does provide the opportunity for limited engagement of an audience and with other authors but this event will allow for broader collaboration and the invaluable experience of interacting with other authors, readers, and the publication community. It is an event designed to fuel the energy and nurture the passion of women who have undertaken the often lonely journey of writing, not as a pastime but as commitment to a passion that requires pen to paper. Through the Girlfriends Unfiltered social media platforms, We’ve been able to meet and get to read the works of some of these authors. We are convinced they deserve this space “to rise.” Their stories remove some of the filters that society too often uses to narrow the lens through which the Black experience is recorded on the written page. They open up the space for authenticity that results from unfiltered experiences. This is not to in any way diminish the works of Traditional published authors but rather to allow those marginalized to broaden the wealth of experience that exists. These writers on the margin, continue to pursue their passion and demonstrate a determination to beat the odds. Their tenacity, resilience and love for storytelling keeps them uplifted. This event provides a space for them to share their works and their passion.

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