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About Us


We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Girlfriends Unfiltered.

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Our Story

We have a platform on Instagram @Girlfriends_Unfiltered       where we blog about books, interview authors, and most importantly we celebrate women. Currently we interview Black Romance and Black Fiction authors. It is a safe space that was created to shine a light on authors whom are often not seen and marginalized in the literary world. Our podcast is available for free and we can't thank our listeners enough for your support. 

The Goal

The goal for Girlfriends Unfiltered is to allow our narratives to be seen, heard and read unfiltered. We believe in removing the assigned narratives and filters hiding our true selves. This allows us to put the stories of our families, our brothers, our sisters and our friends into a shining light to be seen by all unfiltered. We focus on empowerment and strengthening our communities. We embrace the education of love, good health, spirituality, positive communication and nation building. 

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We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities, contact us for any interview inquiries. Email us directly at Let's connect!

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