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Skye Moon


Skye Moon is an avid reader, writer, and accomplished independent author. Having published her first creative work at a very young age, she always felt destined to land in the literary industry.  

Hailing from the seven cities area of Virginia, Skye has an English and Hospitality degree beneath her belt. Some of her favorite authors include Christina C. Jones, Johanna Lindsey, Desiree Granger, Kresley Cole, and many more. Her downtime is often spent consuming paranormal, true crime, and fantasy shows, complete with her favorite snacks.  

When picking up one of her books, know that you'll always get characters who are unapologetically black, relatable, well-developed, and feel like family. She'll always transport you to cities rich in African American culture that you won't want to leave.

"Compulsive, one of her recent releases is a perfect example of carrying out her desire to write well-developed and relatable characters. If you want to cry, laugh, scream a little bit, or simply find a piece of yourself in one of the characters, this one is for you."

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