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Shvonne Latrice


Born and raised in Los Angeles, author Shvonne Latrice has penned over sixty Urban Fiction & Street Romance novels with 40 of them becoming #1 Best Sellers on Amazon. Her stories are often told from the gritty point of view of life in the hoods of LA, with glimpses of the high life the beautiful city is known for. From college students and rap stars to gangbangers and kingpins, then everything in between Shvonne is sure to have penned your next favorite series.

"Los Angeles native Shvonne Latrice is back with another novel set in her hometown titled Applying Pressure: A Love Story. This time she depicts PR agent Myomi Ford, and her inability to find a man that can be faithful to her. Although her current beaux hasn’t been caught red handed, Myomi’s women’s intuition provides a nagging feeling that he is just like her past romances. She soon runs across the handsome and overly persistent NFL player Ocean Pendrell, who not only plans to be the man of Myomi’s dreams but will do just about anything, no matter how shocking, to be sure he becomes the man in her life.
This standalone effort of Shvonne’s is true to her urban romance style, with a thrilling and suspenseful twist. The love story between heartbroken Myomi and the lightly off kilter Ocean will be sure to keep you on your toes."

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