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Nalo J. Stewart


Nalo J. Stewart was born and raised in Southern California. Her desire to create colorful characters and multifaceted environments was born from a youth spent travelling the world with her parents and siblings. Nalo earned a Bachelor’s Degree—with a major in Journalism and minor in Psychology—from Howard University. She published her first book, Strangers When We Die, in 2021. Along with her love of storytelling, Nalo enjoys spending time with family, is an avid reader, and is a fervent moviegoer.

Lost in a Quiet Storm book synopsis/summary: Genre: Contemporary Romance
"Years ago, Heather Prescott made a heart-wrenching decision. Her life took a dark turn down a self-destructive path. It took time and a lot of work to find her footing. She fought her demons and redirected her downward spiral. Though never completely free from the choices she once made, she's in a comfortable place.She found her version of peace.Then he entered, barreling into her life, and making her feel things she wasn’t prepared to feel. Heather thought the significant chapters of her life were already written. But fate wasn’t through with her. In one unforgettable moment, the collision of her past, present, and future force her to grapple with past choices and one looming question…If we are the sum of our mistakes, then should we ever expect a happily ever after?Lost in a Quiet Storm is a contemporary romance novel with a little something extra."

Nalo J. Stewart
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