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Masterpiece has always been passionate about writing and storytelling. Born in raised in Gardena California, Masterpiece fell in love with urban fiction from reading her first book “Coldest Winter Ever” throughout Jr high she wrote poetry. Always having the urge to write and play around with storytelling. She got serious about her craft on January 1st, 2020. Masterpiece currently has twenty books, most of them are on Amazon bestselling charts! She lives in Lancaster CA, enjoys being a mother of three beautiful kids. Masterpiece makes her books realistic by touching on true topics in the urban community. Masterpiece is a full time Author, dedicating her time to writing and mastering her craft. 

"I wrote “A Beast Captured My Heart” with mental health in mind. The goal was for me to touch on true topics that can touch the hearts of many. A lot of people dance around mental health and make it as if it’s not important. Growing up, I watched my mother battle hard with mental issues and often wondered how society would view and accept her. I researched and took classes and even worked hands on with people that battled different mental disorders and saw that they too deserved to be loved. All of my books touch on different shapes, sizes and shades. Mainly the plus size community as well. However, “A Beast Captured My Heart” is very dear and close to home with me."

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