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M.L Bash


ML Bash is a 27 year old southern Louisiana native with degrees in psychology and addiction studies. Her passion for writing started in the third grade with short poems and developed in to 200 page short stories written on the front and back of loose leaf pieces of paper by the time she entered middle school. She released her first full length book in August of 2017 under the name ML Bash, and then went on to publish 28 urban fiction books spanning the years of 2017-2020, each of them falling in the top 100 rankings of their categories. She began releasing African American romance under the pen name Kizzie Kollins in 2022 and is continuously advancing her craft and breathing life into characters that resonate with a love that spans genres. Whether she is writing a slow burn love story, a fast paced urban fiction release, or a why choose novel, ML Bash is dedicated to crafting characters that not only entertain, but weasel their way into your heart.

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