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K. Lashaun


K. Lashaun is an adult contemporary author born and raised in Alabama. Her start in writing followed the typical blueprint for most authors - consuming an insane amount of books at an early age before turning that love of reading into a knack for storytelling.

Her focus as a writer is to display the journey that her flawed, imperfect characters take to find their happily ever after. Whenever she’s not reading or writing, she spends time with her daughter, watches sports and plans vacations that she never takes.

"The Things Unseen series revolves around a group of friends born and raised in an impoverished area known as Uptown. Years have passed since most of them were residents of the crime-filled district but the lingering traumas they'd experienced and situations they’d been exposed to still haunt many of them even into their adulthood. This series highlights the journey these characters take to overcome those wounds and achieve their healing while finding a love that many of them once thought themselves unworthy of."

K. Lashaun
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