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Johnni Sherri


Johnni Sherri is an urban romance author who centers her stories around young black love, friendships, and families. She strives to detail the complex realities of young urban love in a way that her readers can relate to. She's not afraid to breach touchy subjects or use colorful language, if it gets her point across. Her goal is to always paint a picture with her writing, leaving booklovers yearning for more.

"Her most popular series to date is Heartbreak U, a story about four diverse young women attending their freshman at an HBCU. Wrote from each girl's distinct point of view, Johnni shares their unique journey to both womanhood and sisterhood. This series was written for not only those in college but also those readers wanting to be transported in time, remembering when navigating freshman year was all so tough–for those wanting to remember what it was like to fall in love and have your heart crushed for the very first time. In this two-book series, Johnni targets real life themes; faith, sex, love and loss. It's a page-turner and a must-read."

Johnni Sherri
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