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Courtney Irving


Author Courtney Irving is a 20 something writer from Southern California. Her passion for both reading and writing began with her mother purchasing her a variety of books. Courtney hopes to one day break into the film industry to create classic shows and movies like her models. Shonda Rhimes, Issa Rae, and Maasai Martin. At 19, her first series was published, Blinded by His Love. After releasing the final installment of the series, she took a 3 year hiatus before returning to the book world. Tainted Fruit was born, and she has since been releasing while gaining 8 more tiles underneath her belt.

Courtney is the Queen of Gritty Love & Second Chances. Every novel that she writes takes readers through a rollercoaster ride of emotions through the characters she created. Each story is captivating, drama filled, realistic, raw, empowering, and enjoyable to whoever comes across her writing. She creates classic characters that readers can relate to, whether it’s them or someone they know. Through them, she showcases that everyone is deserving of both love and second chances. Courtney gears to making the toughest of men fall in love, one book at a time. When she’s not writing, Irving spends her free time with her close friends and going on different adventures.

"Write Your Name is a mirror into the love that I have experienced in my own life. Their story starts off with a bang when the heroine, Sunny Hill, learns of the infidelity in her marriage through her husband’s mistress. In the heat of the moment, she runs her husband over with her car. Realizing her worth, she returns back to Slauson California, and runs into her childhood crush, Wisdom Price.
Their story highlights childhood trauma, mental health, and breaking up with fear to follow your heart. I wrote this story to highlight mental health in the black community and showcase black love. Through the lens of Wisdom Price, who has grown up before his time and comes from an unemotional mother, he learns through Sunny what it’s like to be loved unconditionally. True to her name, she’s the sunshine that has invaded the dark crevices of his life."

Courtney Irving
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