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Cion Lee


Cion Lee is a New Orleans native, born on June 17,1997. Ever since Cion was a little girl, she's been a creative soul. If she wasn't drawing elaborate pictures, then she was writing stories inspired by her favorite book series such as The Clique, The Baby-Sitter's Club, Candy Apple,The Sweet Valley Twins, Junie B. Jones, The Ashley's, etc. Cion's love for Urban fiction didn't come until she was 13 years old and she got her hands on some of her older sister's books. Her mind was blown at the stories that were being told because they were almost identical to everyday life around her. From there, she was hooked and she wanted to write stories just like that. All through high school Cion wrote urban fan-fiction on youtube for her peers. In her Senior year of high school she started getting into E-books and Kindle. She was amazed at how accessible books were becoming and it made her feel like her work could be published. In her freshman year of college, she made it her goal to become a published author and by the end of her sophomore year that goal was a reality.


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