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Ashantay Keys


Ashantay Keys is a multi genre, bestselling author. Writing in urban fiction romance and erotic romance, she has recently delved into black romance. Although, Cali-bred, some have said she sounds like she’s from the South. At an early age she found the love of reading. Years later, what started as something therapeutic rapidly grew into a passion of creativity with words. Her writing is raw and descriptive; sometimes gritty and toxic.  

Penning more than twenty books, Ashantay Keys doesn’t see herself stopping anytime soon. She’s more determined than ever to create more black love stories with beautiful but flawed black men and continuously bring that BDE to the pages of a book. Her pen has been described as beautifully-crafted, thought-provoking, awesomely-entertaining and message-conveying. 

Facebook: Ashantay Keys 

Author Facebook: Author Ashantay Keys 

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"My Breadcrumbs series is about five brothers maneuvering through life. They are unapologetic and toxic but have genuine intentions. The series will make you laugh and cry but most importantly, It’ll make you smile and understand who The Coalman brothers are. You’ll definitely fall in love with one, if not all, of them."

Ashantay Keys
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