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Kay Shanee


Kay Shanee is a devoted wife, mother, and teacher on a mission to create a positive narrative for Black love. With a passion for fostering healthy relationships, Kay Shanee has authored over 40 books, all dedicated to Black Love. Her works promote healthy, loving, sexy, and successful relationships between professional Black men and women. Married to her college sweetheart for over 26 years, Kay Shanee draws inspiration from her own experiences, aiming to showcase that happy and thriving relationships are abundant in the Black community.


Since penning her first book in 2018, Kay Shanee has been steadfast in her mission to change hearts and minds about Black Love. She aims to demonstrate that Black love is prevalent and thriving within our family homes, among couples, children, siblings, and friends. She asserts, “It’s crucial for me to write these stories to remind, encourage, and inspire those who may have lost hope. Black Love not only exists, but it's not an anomaly.”

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