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Antoinette Sherell


Antoinette Sherell is a best-selling Urban Romance author. Known for her alpha men and strong-minded women, she easily weaves together flawed characters and complex storylines that everyone can relate to. She enjoys writing about realistic problems and relationships that aren’t easy but worth every minute—she doesn’t believe in perfection when it comes to love.

Antoinette was born and raised in Virginia. She has three beautiful children and spends most of her time being a mother, outside of her writing endeavors. She began writing in middle school to express herself and has always had a knack for creating stories, along with a very elaborate imagination.

Never one to "stay in the lanes drawn" or to conform, Antoinette Sherell's future projects will further showcase her unique writing style that will leave you wanting more! Be sure to stayup to date on her future works & ventures.

"Salvage My Soul sheds a light on the mental health of two individuals who’ve undergone tragic losses without properly grieving. It depicts multi-layered family dynamics and their positive or negative effects on the characters’ healing. This novel touches on sensitive topics, such as therapy and substance abuse, that are deemed taboo in many households. Recovery, healthy coping mechanisms, and finding the courage to ask for help are all the main themes of this novel."

Antionette Sherell
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