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A.J Davidson


A.J is originally from Chicago, IL. but raised in Columbus, Ms. This 35 year old wife and mother of 3 boys Jarrett, Ashton and Andrew, started her writing career off with a short story challenge on Facebook in December of 2016. A.J didn't expect to get so much feedback with her stories. Once she started writing she couldn't stop and within the next few weeks, she started putting her plan in motion to become published. After releasing 13 books under a publisher, she decided to step out on faith and go Independent. Where she also started her own publishing company (A.J. Presents) AJ looks to write more than Urban Fiction or Romance books and has since published her first Children’s Book. Get familiar with her work and her company because she is on the rise to become better than ever.

"Love on the Bayou is a roller coaster romance about two best friends whose hearts have been stuck on each other since the day that they met. One of them is scared to take that chance on love and the other is ready to risk it all to take their friendship to the next level. A.J. Davidson brilliantly guides readers through the lives of each character and leaves them wanting more after each chapter. Love on the Bayou is a story inspired by true events and a situation that many of us have been in before. She wrote this story to help express the feelings that she has for her best friend. She was ready to risk it all and he wasn't ready to lose the friendship for a chance at love. Hopefully, Love on the Bayou can help someone follow their hearts and not let years fly by when they know the person that’s meant for them is already in their life."

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